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Sponsor an Arboretum Animal that resides in the Stone House

The Arboretum Animal Sponsorship Program allows you to sponsor your favorite animal to help pay for its care for one year. The purpose of us having animals is to provide an educational opportunity for visitors to learn more about their habitat, diet, survival techniques and care.

We hope this exposure will heighten public awareness to the needs of all animals and promote behaviors that will allow us to share our planet with all other living things in a sustainable and respectful way.

Our Environmental Eagle program, which meets on Saturdays, spends time teaching about and caring for the Arboretum animals. By sponsoring an animal you are supporting all these positive activities. On behalf of the staff and animals at the Arboretum we thank you.

When you sponsor an Arboretum animal, you will receive:
  • A personalized Adopt-an-Animal certificate

  • Your name (individual or group) on an Sign that is posted on your animal’s shelter in the Stone House.
  • A fact sheet on your animal

  • An invitation to attend a special breakfast with Environmental Eagles event in spring for those in the Arboretum Animal Sponsorship Program!

All donations are tax-deductible.

When you fill out the form please indicate your first and second choice from the list of available animals.
We allow two sponsorhips of each animal, so you may be sharing your animal with another person or family.


The tax deductible fee to sponsor an animal is $150 per year for an individual or group. The sponsorship year runs from August through July. Please make checks payable to the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and mail this application with your payment to: Animal Sponsorship, 324 Forest Drive South, Short Hills, NJ 07078. You will be notified of your sponsorship upon receipt of your completed application and payment. If you would like, you can also sponsor an animal on our website

Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City/State: ________________________________________ Zip Code: _________________
Phone: ____________________ E-Mail: __________________________________________

Animals available for sponsorship are listed below. Please indicate your first, second and third choices:

Choice # Animal Name/Species Choice # Animal Name/Species
Betty/Chinese Box Turtle Mr. Turtleneck/Ball Python
Bob/Leopard Gecko Red Wiggler Bin I
Bobette/Leopard Gecko Red Wiggler Bin II
Bill/Chinese Box Turtle Rocky/Eastern Box Turtle
Clementine/Eastern Painted Turtle Sal/ Eastern Painted Turtle
Einstein/Corn Snake Slide/ Eastern Painted Turtle
Goldfish Family Slip/ Eastern Painted Turtle
Louie/Chinchilla Taylor/Guinea Pig
Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Walking Sticks
Maja/Chinchilla Zebra Finches

You can also choose to support our observational beehive by sponsoring a group of honeybees. Please indicate your level of sponsorship below.

___ 100 honeybees/$25 ___ 250 honeybees/$50
___ 600 honeybees/$100 ___ 1000 honeybees/$150
Sponsoring an Arboretum Animal can make a terrific gift to an individual, families, or groups!


Please sponsor here!