Facts at a Glance

Facts at a Glance
The Arboretum ...

Boasts one of the state’s greatest concentrations of native wildflowers (more than 150 species) and is home to 45 species of trees, 100 species of birds, rare ferns and 275-year-old Tulip trees.

Contains unique geological features, such as kettle moraines and a natural amphitheater created by glaciers.

Receives 17,500 visits from children and adults annually. 1,300 of these visits are field trips from township elementary schools.

Has a unique topography that creates many micro-habitats, allowing great diversity in flora and fauna in a relatively small area.

Is an oasis for migrating birds in the spring, giving refuge and food supplies on their journey north.

Offers semester-long nature & environmental classes, which is unique for a nature/environmental center.